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Are your packages set in stone?

Actually, they are just a starting point and they are totally customizable. Want a different album, just pay the difference in price or even get a refund, depending on the prices.

When you say a package is unlimited time, what does that mean?

That means I come when you want and leave when you want and all that time is included in the price.

What exactly do you mean by Hi Res files?

I shoot in raw format which captures all the detail the camera is capable of recording.Then I sharpen, color correct, and save the file as a 12 jpg which is the highest quality file that most people can take anywhere to make their prints.

When and why do photographers give discounts?

Photographers are businessmen. If we have an open date, the closer we get to that date, the more likely we are to offer discounts. We also tend to offer discounts for those times of the year when fewer brides choose to hold their weddings (January-March and November and December not including Holidays). Feel free to ask me if I can offer you a discount.

How good are you at photoshop if I need retouching?

I am about as good as it gets, modesty aside. Shooting in low light almost never a problem, With the modern camera and high sensitivity to light, there is almost always enough light.

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